50 years anniversary of Simula, the first object-oriented programming language

This jubilee will be celebrated at the University of Oslo, Norway.


Wednesday, 27th September, 2017


A preliminary programme includes invited talks by James Gosling and Oscar Nierstrasz, a panel debate on what to celebrate 50 years from now as well as a banquet with a banquet speaker from the Simula group at the Norwegian Computing Center.

James Gosling is the creator of the successful and now ubiquitous Java programming language. The design was done in the early 1990s, with clear inspiration from Simula, but indeed also other languages. See also // and //

Oscar Nierstrasz is professor at the University of Bern where he leads the Software Composition Group. He has been passionate about object-oriented programming since the early 1980s, and he has been honoured with the prestigious 2013 Dahl-Nygaard Senior Prize for contributions to the field of object-orientation. See also //

Participation at the celebration will include the technical programme, lunch, breaks and, optionally, the banquet.

Please forward this invitation to people you think would be interested.


A final call for participation will be sent out in May, but we would like to get a rough estimate on how many would like to come.


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